Start at the Beginning

I have known for years that I had the gift of prophecy, but I didn’t necessarily know how the Lord wanted to use me. I was in and out of the church but was not in a place where I could exercise and mature my gift. A few years ago, I became restless and frustrated, wanting to grow my gift, and that’s when I was blessed to meet a prophet who I became connected to and began to attend some of her prayer clinics. I quickly asked if she would become my mentor to help me navigate as a young prophet. After meeting with her and both of us prayerfully considering whether this was an opportunity ordained by God, her first assignment for me was to complete a spiritual gifts assessment. (I must insert a side note that finding a mentor was what changed my spiritual walk. I would highly recommend asking the Lord to lead you to your mentor. While Holy Spirit is our best teacher, to have someone that you can sort out your impressions and ask questions is priceless, and I will forever be grateful for the Lord placing my mentor in my life at the time that He did.)

By way of personal background, I had grown up in the Catholic church, in a fairly strict upbringing. My understanding of God from that upbringing was that there were “rules” that we had to follow to get to heaven, as opposed to a relationship with Him. I won’t go into the details of my conversion, but over the decades, I have gained a clear understanding and appreciation for my background and how it was necessary for the purpose and calling that the Lord has for me. With an eye toward Order and Protocol, the lens through which I perceive situations and principles in the Kingdom, the Lord is able to use me to identify areas that are left open for the enemy to attack and to provide insight for realignment, direction, and ultimate victory!

After working through the assessment to gain an understanding of my gifts and values, she assigned me to begin reading through the books of the prophets in the Bible to discern my prophetic type. The next few days and weeks were spent reading through each book. When I began reading through Ezekiel, I recalled when I first accepted Christ and how I poured over the Bible. Even in the earliest stages of my walk with the Lord, I remember being moved reading the book of Ezekiel. This time through was no different. I was struck by Ezekiel 3 and how the Lord established him as a Watchman. My spirit leaped as I read Ezekiel, and I believed this was my prophetic type.

Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me.”  Ezekiel 3:17

Depending on where you are in your walk with the Lord, and where you are personally, you will be sent to a House for a different purpose. The previous House that I was a member at was where I had first accepted Christ many years before. I moved away for a few years and when I returned to the same city, I returned to my previous church. When I became discontent and frustrated there because my prophetic gift was not embraced, I was tempted to leave ministry altogether. I didn’t recognize at the time that each ministry in the Kingdom performs a different function. I came to the point in my walk that I sought out MORE. I desired to delve deeper into the Word and allow Holy Spirit to begin to reveal mysteries to me. I began attending church to serve as a minister and then seeking out additional opportunities outside my church for teaching on the areas that I believed the Lord was calling me to.

The Lord led me to a prophetic ministry in 2015, and I  sensed immediately that I was on assignment there. I learned how important it is to know why you are being established in a ministry, and I quickly discerned that my role at my new home was that of a Watchman. The trust and encouragement from my new pastors from the moment we met enabled me to begin my process functioning as a Watchman for the House.

This is the point that we arrive in our journey together, refining our skills and discerning what we see and how to intercede, as well as when and how to release a prophetic revelation and announce instruction, warning, correction, and edification to the House.

See Well & Perceive

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