About the Author

Kenna O’Flannigan accepted Jesus as her Savior and Lord in 1994. Six years later, she received and embraced the Lord’s call to ministry. As an office gift to the Body of Christ, Kenna operates as a watchman prophet inspired by Holy Spirit.

The Kenna’s legal background as both a court reporter and paralegal provide a foundation for awareness of protocol, permissions, accountability, and access which uniquely qualify her intelligent expression and studied insights. Readers will find the genuine wisdom trustworthy for life application.

Kenna founded Tsaphah Ministries with the mission to restore order and integrity to the Body of Christ through prophetic insight and biblical wisdom. Tsaphah is a Hebrew word which means to lean forward, i.e. to peer into the distance; by implication, to observe, await: — behold, espy, look up (well), wait for, (keep the) watch(-man) and guides the ministry efforts of the written and spoken word. With an eye toward Order and Protocol, the Lord uses Kenna to identify areas in ministry and personal character that are left open for the enemy to attack and to provide insight for realignment, strategy, and ultimate victory!

Kenna is the resilient mother of four adult children and a prophetic teacher of the Gospel. Stable and rooted in the faith, Kenna renders loyal, honest, and caring service to the Body of Christ at her local church and in her spheres of influence.

In November 2018, Kenna founded her scribal business All Things Scribal to assist experienced and aspiring authors, bloggers, journalists, poets, and writers to produce their projects in quality and excellence. Kenna provides services for proofreading, editing, transcription, ghostwriting, and project consultations. She can be reached at allthingsscribal@gmail.com.

Kenna is the co-author of two scribal projects for the Kingdom. “Speak to the Mountains – The Anthology” was released in January 2018. Along with Apostle Axel Sippach and over 30 authors, Kenna prophetically reveals decrees, declarations, and strategies for scaling the 7 Mountains of Influence for the Kingdom. The Opportunity to contribute to Apostle Sippach’s “Junia Arise – Apostolic Women on the Front Lines” project serves as Kenna’s sophomore contribution to the community of prophetic scribes. Junia Arise was released in July 2018 and is a powerful compilation of prophetic declarations and revelations to confirm in women their God-ordained place and position in Christ and to catapult them into service, to boldly march into their purpose and destiny.

Kenna’s life verse is Ezekiel 3:17, which says, “Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me.”

For information purchasing a signed copy of “Speak to the Mountains – The Anthology” or “Junia Arise – Apostolic Women on the Front Lines,” email Kenna at watchmanprophet@gmail.com or tsaphahministries2018@gmail.com